Play Surfaces

All our play surfaces are totally natural, they’re gleaned from sustainable renewable forest sources, little extra is generated in their grading and ¬†production, they require no special equipment to lay, and when they’ve reached the end of their useful life they can be spread on gardens or allotments to recycle back into the earth.

Wet pour rubber matting involves vast amounts of energy consumption in their processing. At the end of its useful life, rubber matting like this can only be used for landfill.

Our play chips are produced from graded UK conifer/hardwood chips and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

They are not made from recycled consumer waste, i.e., shredded pallets, waste timber etc.

Feel free to contact us for advice on quantity and critical fall heights.

All products are in accordance with relevant British & European Standards BSEN1176 & 1177.