How much do I need?

Garden Mulch – In general 50-75mm (2-3”) is adequate but the greater the depth the longer it will last. 1m3 (1000 litres) will cover 20 square metres at a depth of 50mm (2”) or 13 square meters at a depth of 75mm (3”).

Play Surface Material – There are British and European standard recommendations available that require the minimum depth to be calculated based upon the critical fall height of ant play equipment installed. This information is provided in the form of a table for each product type. The minimum depth for a public play area is 200mm (8”) however for private gardens a lesser depth is generally satisfactory. 150mm (6”) or is often sufficient but it is up to the owner to decide how much they require. 1m3 (1000 litres) will cover an area of 6 square meters at a depth of 150mm (6”) or 4 square meters at a depth of 200mm (8”), some extra allowance for settlement should be allowed.

Do We Deliver?

Garden Supplies offer a wide range of delivery options. Loose material can be delivered by Land Rover/Tipper, where access is confined, or larger loads by different lorry capacities up to 25m3 depending on suitability of access.

Most products can be supplied ready bagged where space is limited or the customer considers this the preferable option. Bag sizes are 50 or 75 litre. Evening and weekend deliveries from our yard at North Nibley, GL 11 6AZ by prior arrangement.

What Information Do We Require to give you a quotation:

  1. Product or products
  2. Volume (or surface area)
  3. Loose or ready bagged
  4. Delivery or collected? If you require delivery we shall require full address with postcode. Is there adequate access?
  5. Are you VAT registered?

How do I successfully construct a bark/chip pit for domestic use?

* The most popular and lowest cost option is to construct an ‘above ground’ pit.

* Tools required include a saw, hammer, screwdriver, spanner and drill.

* Carefully lay our suitable geotextile membrane sheet onto the ground , where the play equipment is to be located.

Temporarily peg down the sheet 0.5 metres/18 ” in from the corners.

* The sheet will need to be approximately 1 metre/36″ longer and 1 metre/36″ wider than the dimensions of the outside of the pit.

* Install the play equipment centrally onto the sheet, in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

* Using either our square sawn or half round treated timber and pegs, construct the retaining wall of the pit. The rer=taining wall timber should be fixed into the ground using our treated timber pegs at least 0.30 metres x 38mm x 38 mm/12″ x1.5″ x1.5″ section.

*Using felt nails, fix the geotextile sheet to the inside of the retaining walls.

* Fill the pit with our Play bark, Playchips or Playsand so that the surface is flush with the top of the retaining wall.

For domestic installation you will need the following-

The surface should extend at least 1.5 Metres/60″ from the outside edge of the play equipment. The surface depth for domestic installations is recommended to be at least 150mm/6″.

To calculate the quantity of surfacing required multiply length x width x depth and add 20%, for natural settlement.

Round the quantity up to the next whole cubic metre.

For Public access installation-

* The surface should extend at least 1.5 metres/60″ from the outside edge of the play equipment.

The surface depth should be at least 200mm/8″.